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Strategy in Action: how to get a Strategy out of the Boardroom

March 23 | 2 comments

Garreth Chelston, Head of Strategy & Business Transformation at Kertzmann delivers a compelling presentation at the 2015 MX summit.

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Action Strategy IFS 20:20

April 14| 3 comments

Kertzmann is particularly delighted to note the inclusion’s of the BTO Cluster in the Government launch of the new International Financial Services Strategy (IFSS 20:20).

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Launch Utility Survey

March 23 | 5 comments

A major survey of utility companies throughout Ireland and in Great Britain has been launched by Dublin and Edinburgh based consultancy firm Kertzmann. The survey throws into focus the need for utilities to enhance the public’s perception of the value they provide and to build trust among their customers.

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Programme Recovery:

A three step guide to recovering a project or programme that is in trouble

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- three steps to getting complex projects or programmes mobilised

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Kertzmann Utility Survey 2015-2015

Why does change need to be implemented ethically?

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