Net Promoter Score and Customer Experience

Over the last decade Net Promoter Score, NPS ©, has become the measurement of choice for Corporates who aspire to Net Promoter Score Consultants Scotlanddelivering the best customer experience . It provides a simple way of measuring customer satisfaction, and challenges the business to focus on the importance of the customer. Implementation of NPS is a declaration that doing just enough is no longer good enough.

In our experience, ‘business as usual’ processes will not scale cost effectively. Teams scramble to create patch solutions, which result in generating more waste and inefficiencies. When pushed poorly scaled processes produce increased rework, substandard service quality, and breakdowns in the customer journey.

How does Net Promoter Score measurement work?

NPS uses an 11-point Likert measurement scale to record the response of the customers when they are asked a simple question; on a scale of 0 to 10 with 10 being extremely likely, how likely are you to recommend our company’s products or services? Net Promoter Score Measurement IrelandBut, NPS is more than just a score. It forces organisations to listen to their customers by asking them, why have you given us this score?

To understand how NPS works, only the customers that have given the top two scores are considered as promoters while the ones that have given the seven lowest scores are classified as detractors. Subtracting the percentage of the detractors from the percentage of the promoters gives you your overall score. This method of calculation gives a negative score to any company that provides an ‘ average’ experience.

This is why we say NPS is suitable for companies that are committed to put their customers at the centre of everything that they do.

Our business process review will focus on some simple questions:

  • What is the required business outcome, who is making the commitment to deliver it, what do they need from internal service providers and can they rely on them to delivery?
  • How is the performance of the team currently being measured?
  • Is the team, across the process, working toward the same goal?
  • Is a network commitments and reliable promises exists across the team?
  • What are the gaps and breakdowns, and what are their costs to the business?

We provide you with

  • A grounded diagnosis of where your business has deficiencies.
  • An assessment of the cost of waste and the value of opportunities.
  • A future architecture and business design that will enable delivery of the business targets.
  • A plan and a senior team (client) that are committed to taking the required action.

We believe successful business results can only be achieved when people in our clients’ organisations own the design and are committed to achieving the promised outcomes. This ensures ownership, which will result in commitment and sustainability after the consultants have departed.