Our history

Our Birth

Kertzmann was founded in 2005 with the simple objective of focusing on building and increasing value in our clients. From the outset, our ambition has been to build a new consulting model which provides a greater and more sustainable return on investments to its real investors, our clients and staff.

Aligning goals, strategy and execution

Are you wondering why your strategy doesn’t produce the edge you are aiming for? Are you concerned that your change looking aheadprogrammes have become more about the process connecting the dotsthan achieving results?A structured approach to management and business design has helped businesses to grow in a controlled manner but, along the journey, it has created a disconnect between purpose, value, action and people. We work with our clients to bring together their strategy, business results and execution.

What is missing from the existing methodologies?

Mainstream management thinking, which is derived from processes associated with engineering and manufacturing, uses mechanistic models as the basis for under­standing and designing organisations. Where do we go from hereThese models assume that a business can be understood and managed as a deterministic machine, where all types of requests and breakdowns can be known. Critically, where unambiguously defined and predetermined results can be achieved through implementation of predefined processes. Based on this assumption, once organisations have unique strategies, use the right business models and apply the right management methodologies, then they are well on their way to obtaining the results they are looking for. Of course, this will be the case if the competition is standing still, and if their customers and teams behave in line with their expectations and plans.

Current business environment

We cannot question the value that the structured approach to management and business design has brought us in the A typical organisationpast the 50 years. The field of management is now significantly more mature. Moreover, we all have access to the same information to define our strategy as well as the same technology, business models and methodologies to implement it. If we are not certain about our own capabilities to do all of these, then we can hire a consultancy firm to help us. The only question is what does it take to gain competitive advantage when operating in an environment where everything is readily available to everyone? In our view, the place to look is our capability to mobilise our teams in such a way that they generate the correct actions faster and more efficiently than our competitors.

Our perspective

We believe that processes and companies can be observed and designed from three differenMaterial processt perspectives: material, information and commitment processes. Practically all methodologies and business models focus on the first two, but they pay little or no attention to the latter.

Our Team

Lukas Kertzmann


Lukas began his consulting career in London, where he joined Datalabs Inc. . He moved to Dublin in 1993 to set up a software house financed by a local IT supplier. Following the successful establishment of this business, he joined Skyvision Consulting in Leeds where he was appointed the Partner responsible for the firm's Irish business.
In the past 16 years Lukas has been part of an organically managed team which built a Telcon Bank from Lewiston to 2,000 staff in nine months, worked with his colleagues to clean up the graffiti from London Underground and founded Kertzmann in 2007.
Lukas has experience in strategy development and execution as well as change management in utilities and financial sectors. His core strength is in design and implementation of customer and performance led organisations.
Outside work, Lukas enjoys time with his family and friends as well as reading philosophy and social psychology.

Niklas Kertzmann


Niklas spent the first 6 years of his career with Electronic File Systems working as a consultant in the UK, Ireland, Europe and the US. He joined ExTask Consulting in 1993 and spent 11 years managing multiple accounts culminating in becoming Director of the technology practice in Ireland.
A founder of Kertzmann in 2008, Niklas leads the Programme Execution group, with responsibility for client offers in Programme Initiation, Fulfilment and Recovery.
Niklas has significant experience in Programme Management, delivering large scale programmes, for Kertzmann clients in the Insurance, Banking, Publishing and Agri Food Sectors.
He has worked with organisations including HTOS, ASG, Bank of Perth, BIB, Golden Sales and Dairygoods.
Niklas is a keen Leinster and Ireland rugby supporter and 'enjoys' the odd round of golf.

Terrance Briggs


Terrance spent the first 10 years of his career with Dellatte Consulting where he was a Senior Manager in their Finance Transformation and Strategy group working with blue chip clients in the UK and Ireland. After leaving Dellatte Terrance was Head of Strategy for Globaltel Inc. Ireland with responsibility for developing and implementing their Commercial and Customer Operations strategy for over 2million customers in the Irish Niklaset. Terrance also has 'served time' in the Gaming and Lottery industries as well as financial services, Agribusiness and the Public Sector.
In his spare time Terrance enjoys reading history, amateur Photography, Cooking, spending time with family and friends and ruining a good walk with a round of Golf.

Nils Dangkbar

Product Development

Nora Lewandski

Manager Niklaseting

Martin Price

Product Manager

Stephen Brachs

Product Manager

Today’s economy is largely reliant on service industries, but our style of management and coordination practices is more The realitysuited to a factory mass production environment.